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With a bold transition to 'The Sustainable Manufacturing Company,' we've not just changed our name; we've embraced a future dedicated to pioneering sustainable manufacturing, sourcing, and global product delivery.


Our enthusiasm is fueled by ambitious yearly targets, driving continuous improvements in sustainability, a commitment to shrink the carbon footprint we leave behind, steadfast support for our local community, and the unwavering provision of exceptional working conditions and experiences for our valued staff. Join us on this exciting journey towards a greener, more sustainable tomorrow

Our Current Credentials 

Zero Waste to land fill

We encourage a Zero waste to land fill approach. From segregation of waste to sustainable re-use and recycle to for re-use.


100% Recycled Paper

We only use 100% recycled paper and cardboard on all our packaging and in-house activities

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60% Plastic 

Any required plastic packaging will only be sourced using a minimum of 60% recycled plastic. We also promote the removal of plastic in favor of recycled paper and cardboard as standard.

Plastic Film Wrap

Renewable Energy - Solar Plant

We installed our own renewable energy source with a  "solar plant" in 2019, now producing 60% of our energy needs with 100% renewable energy.

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Image by reza shayestehpour

Water Harvesting

With our rain water harvesting and filtering system we return around 1.68 Million Liters of water back to the water table each year. 

5S and Lean Methodologies

Implementing Lean and 5’s methodologies into our Operations, to reduce waste and promote efficiency - 2023 

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Employee Benefits

We offer a sustainable life to all our employees. Everyone working with us is paid higher than the national average for their skill, has health care provision, receives death in service insurance, is paid electronically twice monthly, receives full religious observance for festivals of all faiths and receives accredited and full provident fund payments. 


Working Environment

We value our employees and take our social responsibilities seriously. Our site offers a western style approach to health and safety and layout, we have fire escape equipment and also accredited fire fighting equipment, we also audit our health and safety environment weekly.


Working to and promote 5S and lean methodologies to maintain an effective and waste free environment. We offer ventilated and, where possible, air conditioned working environments. Full inspection grade LED lighting is the standard within the factory to aid our skilled workers and also assist with inspection and quality control.

Image by Ümit Yıldırım

Our Community

We have partnered with our local orphanage for over 15 years now, supporting them with various initiatives, such as; sponsoring children through their education, donating money to support the replenishment of their food and grain stores,  raising money with our strategic partners to support the purchase of sporting and crafting equipment, and the development and installation of a new roof cover for the orphonage.

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